Fehérvár Travel is a tour operator company, majoring in outbound package tours (roundtrips, city-tours and exotic tours). In this sector Fehérvár Travel has been the market-leader in Hungary in the past more than 10 years. About two-third of its organized programs are coach-tours (leaving from Budapest and Székesfehérvár), and one-third of them are plane-groups (departing mostly from Ferihegy Airport, Budapest). About half of its guests are from the capital, but there are a lot of participants from every county of Hungary as well. Many of them have participated in Fehérvár Travel tours more than 30 times, but there are some regular guests who have travelled even more than 40 times with the company.

(c) Fehérvár TravelThe company publishes its summer catalogue around February (including offers from April to November), but since 2001 there is a separate issue for the winter period, including exotic tours to overseas destinations, and coach groups for the Advent, New Year and Carnival season as well.

Before a new destination / program is published in the catalogue, it is always carefully checked previously and travelled around by the company. The principle in compiling an itinerary is always to ensure the possibility for the travelers to get acquainted with the culture, history, geography, sights of the given country or region; but it is also very important to organize tours that are entertaining and relaxing, not overly exhausting for the participants.

In order to organize the group roundtrips and city tours on a high standard, the company has few additional travel-related activities. For example, it sells travel insurance and holiday offers of other Hungarian tour operators, but does not sell plane- or any other types of tickets, does not deal with currency exchange, handle individual visa administration or organize inbound tours.

There are 45 colleagues working in the office, most of them are graduated from college or university. Languages spoken by the colleagues are: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Romanian and Russian.

Fehérvár Travel employs about 50 tour leaders, and many of them – according to its 'guests' opinions – are the best of their profession in the country. All of them are well-trained and very familiar with the history, culture and customs of their target countries.

Our coach groups are operated with about 25 luxury coaches (with a capacity of 48-49 pax), 13 of them are owned by Fehérvár Travel.
The number of our coaches increased with two brand-new vehicles in 2017, with a Neoplan Tourliner and a VDL Futura coach. The coaches of Fehervar Travel are operated by Fehérvár Travel Coach Ltd., which is the subsidiary company of Fehérvár Travel Ltd. Thanks to the above-mentioned new vehicles, the average age of the coaches operated by Fehérvár Travel Coach Ltd. is only about 3,5 years. This fact is unique in Hungary.

The airconditioned coaches of our subcontractors (Mercedes, Scania, Bova, Setra) are also in excellent condition and are also only a couple years old. Our experienced busdrivers have a very high local knowledge.

The managing director of the company has a polytechnic university degree, and after a couple of years of software-development experience and in the possession of 3 advanced-level language exams (Russian, English, German), he decided to change profession. As a tour leader and a tourist he has travelled to many countries of the world, graduated from the necessary travel and tourism schools, and he has been directing Fehérvár Travel since 1996.

The below pictures are probably familiar to our guests. These are the front pages of our summer catalogues of the last 21 years. The numbers below the pictures show the even development of our company.
(Hereby we would like to note that the programs – published in our catalogues – have always been the company's own organized tours.)

Number of pages: 16
Number of published programmes: 11
Number of published groups: 35
Number of pages: 20
Number of published programmes: 17
Number of published groups: 71
Number of pages: 24
Number of published programmes: 25
Number of published groups: 89
Number of pages: 32
Number of published programmes: 30
Number of published groups: 109
Number of pages: 40
Number of published programmes: 37
Number of published groups: 129
Number of pages: 52
Number of published programmes: 46
Number of published groups: 158
Number of pages: 60
Number of published programmes: 53
Number of published groups: 190
Number of pages: 64
Number of published programmes: 57
Number of published groups: 222
Number of pages: 72
Number of published programmes: 65
Number of published groups: 258
Number of pages: 80
Number of published programmes: 71
Number of published groups: 303
Number of pages: 84
Number of published programmes: 75
Number of published groups: 330
Number of pages: 92
Number of published programmes: 80
Number of published groups: 356
Number of pages: 100
Number of published programmes: 86
Number of published groups: 370
Number of pages: 108
Number of published programmes: 93
Number of published groups: 387
Number of pages: 120
Number of published programmes: 100
Number of published groups: 437
Number of pages: 124
Number of published programmes: 106
Number of published groups: 454
Number of pages: 132
Number of published programmes: 110
Number of published groups: 471
Number of pages: 140
Number of published programmes: 114
Number of published groups: 502
Number of pages: 148
Number of published programmes: 118
Number of published groups: 512
Number of pages: 156
Number of published programmes: 124
Number of published groups: 526
Number of pages: 192
Number of published programmes: 130
Number of published groups: 531
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The below chart shows the increasing number of our groups in the past 21 years. (The number of groups published in the winter catalogues is always included in the new year, because most of the winter groups start after the 1st of January.)

(c) Fehérvár Travel

Fehérvár Travel is very popular among travelers. From year to year it is usual that more than half of the places are sold by the middle of March (only 1 month after the publication of the catalogue).

The company offers many favorable options to its guests: for example 5* realization guarantee, guaranteed optional programs, guiding with modern audio-guides (for tours where it is needed, according to our experiences) and also the gathering of people travelling alone (those clients who accept to be accommodated with another single passenger and finally do not have a roommate, do not have to pay the single supplement).

According to the tourism law in Hungary, tour operators need to place a security deposit for the case of any unexpected financial situation. According to the routine, the Hungarian tour operators buy insurance for this purpose. But Fehérvár Travel placed its security deposit at OTP Bank. This proves the stable financial background of the company.

Fehérvár Travel owns a more than 1000 square meters office (where it is presently operating); a 380 and a 55 square meters property in the historical center of Székesfehérvár; 13 of 48-49 seater luxury coaches, and a 1 acres size groud (where the lot, garage and service station for our coaches are located).

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